Claire and Dean


I just loved the energy of this wedding – the soulful people of the earth, the majority being farmers – Babylonstoren was the perfect venue to celebrate the union of this genuine, warm and happy couple – Claire and Dean. They are truly focused on what matters and value hugely the relationships in they lives; they are unassuming, hard workers and incredibly caring and it was such a joy to photograph all of the emotions and sentiments of their special day, nothing but love all around. I love that Claire and her bridesmaids made their own bouquets and my favourite moment is when the father of the bride walked in to see his daughter for the first time in her wedding dress! All Claire and Dean were really interested in on their wedding day, was spending quality time with their loved ones and ensuring that everyone had a good time and I loved the freedom of documenting this day so candidly and I felt all of the warmth exuding from this happy-go-lucky crowd!

Special thanks to the talented Ayeh K Photography for second-shooting / Marimbas – Amaambush /Dress – Marquise Bridal


"Close your eyes and picture the sun. That's what it felt like to love her; warmth" ~ Atticus

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