Cape Town

When wedding season mayhem quietens down it’s fun to create the time and space to shoot at leisure, to play,  to look and feel and remind ourselves of why we do what we do. This creative collaboration was just what my fellow friend in the industry, Tabitha of Illuminate Photography fame, and I needed. After hitting a dress-up store as excited as 2 kids trick-or-treating on Halloween and armed with our Pinterest mood boards, we were set! We had unbreakable smiles plastered on our faces with our trigger-happy fingers constantly on the shutter, without any stress or time constraints we were able to be free and just have fun with it. We experimented with filming, we laughed, we played dress-up and created. It gave us the opportunity to deviate from our editing styles. It was also an experiment to show how two different photographers can shoot the same subject in the same location and come up with completely different images.

Huge thanks to Christina Colson to devoting her time to being our patient and incredible model for the day and to Lindsey Boucher of Makeup and Delight for her wildly beautiful make-up creations!

Christina__1723 Christina__1725 Christina__1726 Christina__1727 Christina__1728 Christina__1730 Christina__1731 Christina__1732 Christina__1734 Christina__1735 Christina__1736 Christina__1737 Christina__1739 Christina__1740 Christina__1741 Christina__1742 Christina__1744 Christina__1745 Christina__1747 Christina__1748 Christina__1749 Christina__1749_02 Christina__1750 Christina__1756 Christina__1757 Christina__1758 Christina__1760

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