Bianca and Roland

Grand Dédale

What a fantastic wedding to end off the season! Bianca and Roland (check out their engagement shoot here) have 7 significant years behind them, a first date resulting in tonsillitis, many books shared, collected a couple of pets to add to their family, intellectual discussions in-between sips of Bordeaux blends and build each other up to be the best versions of themselves possible. Bianca’s type A personality resulted in a flawless wedding day, warm winter light on their backs as they said their i-dos surrounded by mountains and the saffron hues of Autumn setting in. The gold touches and cotton cloud feel of the decor added to the magical fairytale-feeling of the day – reminiscent of Snow White and her prince in a magical wonderland, feasts of the season and all the loved ones in the kingdom, smiling happy people having fun, glasses clinked, knowing glances exchanged, cheers to the happiness of an epic couple! Bianca is the go-to girl for book recommendations, her flawless style, kind heart and take life by the horns attitude contributing to her beauty. Roland’s quick humour, kind heart reflecting in gentle eyes and of course, his guns, he looks pretty dapper by the Queen B’s side! He’s charismatic and charming and armed with a tight group of friends. An only child, Bianca has slotted perfectly into life with Roland and has pretty much adopted his sister as her own. She has a way with words, as defined by her powerful speech which left many eyes glistening. These two enjoy the finer things in life, appreciate quality and strive for perfection constantly… they take pleasure purely in the company of each other and the closest people in their lives. I had so much fun behind the scenes, snapping away with a smile on my face and good vibes all around!


Service providers : – Venue – Grand Dédale / Dress – Olivelli / Make-Up – Corlé Barnard / Stationery – White Kite Studio / Videography – FJS Productions / Decor and Flowers – Mint and Magnolia / DJ – Silk Music / Cake – Cakes by Wade

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

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  1. Zelna & Dirkie

    Beyond BEAUTIFULL !!! Julle fotos is pragtig !!!! Twee baie mooi mense, en pragtige troue !!! May you live happily ever after 🙂 love you xxx Zelna, Dirkie, Lindi & Charl

  2. Anzel

    I’m crying it’s that beautiful! Literally the most perfect couple. Ever. Beautifully captured Kristi!

    • Kristi

      Ah wow! Thank you so much for your words, Anzel! This couple is golden!


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