Becky and Luke

These two peas in a pod said their I-dos at the unique Elgin venue, Lothian Vineyards… Between the green rolling hills and next to the tranquil water, wise words were imparted by family members…the deciding factor for this venue being chosen was the comfort and ease for their guests, especially the kiddies – they wanted to be sure that everyone traveling could stay in one place and just have the best time together… a true reflection of what these two are like, caring, selfless and the thoughtfully thought out manner in which they live their lives. Grounded and earthy, this venue works with nature, in the same way these two dance with life…They are two introspective, intellectual souls who always see the deeper meaning and beauty in the most simple of moments, practical and logical, yet they feel things deeply. Both teach by profession and I can’t think of better people to teach the art of living by pure example and making a positive impact on the youth in an ever more complex world. Luke’s mom grew and arranged the flower arrangements from scratch, a true labor of love and his dad played the harmonica during the ceremony. During the speeches, special mention was made of the life lessons and traits taught by the uniquely intricately woven lifelines of the people in their lives… tears were shed and laughs were shared, toasts were made…entertaining games of charades were played at the tables early on in the evening which broke the ice instantaneously and the intimate atmosphere took on a relaxed and festive tone as the night erupted onto the dance floor, the epicenter echoing all of the happy sentiments of a marriage totally celebrated by a loving couple and their proud families and friends!

Coordinated by Kirsty – Weddings out of Africa / Staffing – Urban Tonic / Decor – Luke’s Mom

"Like a river flows
Surely to the sea
Darling, so it goes
Some things are meant to be" ~ Elvis Presley

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  1. Alexa kirsten

    Absolutely fabulous pics, you have captured the very essence of that happy, beautiful, delicious and delightful time. Thank you so so much

  2. Riana

    Beautifull pictures. Congratulations to the newlyweds !
    Best whishes from Madagascar 😀


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