Anri and Johan

Uitsig, George

Amongst rolling emerald greens field on the farm that Johan grew up, he said I do to his Disney princess of a bride, Anri. When your home is a wedding venue, it’s a no brainer as to where the wedding will take place and these two tied the knot under a tree in the garden at Uitsig in George surrounded by proud family, grinning guests and the Outeniqua mountains. Anri’s colourful personality and love of all the vibrant colours reflected in the bright and happy decor… She also gifted her bridesmaids with havaianas in the colour which she saw their personality in! She┬áis a chef and he is a wine-maker – I don’t think you can find a better pairing than that! A perfect future of excellent meals and fantastic wines – how memories are made and bonds are forged for decades past and decades to come! I have no doubt that with Johan’s twinkly nonsense keeping Anri on her toes these two will be laughing together all the way into happily ever after!

Venue – Uitsig / Dress – Alana van Heerden, Made With Love / Florist – Rhubarb Flower Company / Make up and hair – Karen Chan The Art of Makeup / Cake – Annemarie Meyer (gift to the bride and groom)

"Sometimes, home has a heartbeat" ~ Beau Taplin

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