Alison and Stephen

Grand Dédale

Ali and Steve said their i-dos in the idyllic and sleepy town of Wellington, a fine Summer’s day, perfectly and professionally co-ordinated by Megan of Wedding Concepts… Intimate weddings are my absolute favourite and I loved how all the guests could fit at one long table on the balcony and watch the sun set as the couple shimmied and jived into the reception. These two have faced some very tough times and come through on the other side, stronger and more tightly-woven than before and I know it’s just onwards and upwards for them from here! Their fun and fabulous friends were a hoot to photograph and I just loved the animated interactions between this fun-loving crowd, people who know how to laugh and how to cry and how to sneak some tekkie on the dance floor!

Wedding Planning & Design – WEDDING CONCEPTS / Flowers – OPUS / Lighting & Dance floor – Goeters / Wedding Cake – Kanya Hunt T/A The Hunt House Kitchen /Stationery – Lara’s Designs /Hair & Makeup – Corlé Barnard Make-up & Hair / Band – Sarah Jane and Angelo Thomas

"Nothing is sweeter than love" ~ The quote above the cake table!

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